Saturday, 7 March 2009

Ok, so I have gone from being no-bellied to everyone commenting on how huge I am. Both my mum and Tom's have said that I shouldn't trust the two ultrasound scans I've had and it's probably twins in there which I'm fully and definitely ignoring.

This is the textbook belly at 33 weeks:


And this is the Clare belly:


As you can see I'm currently far to tired to be bothered with such things as brushing my hair and tidying the bedroom. I'm thinking I look lots bigger than the illustration but maybe the drawing is based on someone who didn't eat chocolate for every meal for most of their pregnancy.

Thinking of food, with Lily my cravings were icey cold milk and cheeseburgers. With this baby I've gone crazy for vinegar drenched pizza, Braeburn (and only Braeburn) refrigerated apples and strawberry jam on toast. I've never eaten so much toast in my life, I won't be surprised if this baby comes out with a tan.

Lily went off to Cadbury World with her best friend today so Tom and I got the last few baby things. We got two nappy pails which we had to search high and low for, also some Nuk bottles which were the most expensive but I've heard good things about them - and they were the cutest! The only thing we have to buy now is a monitor and we're done! Toms Mum also gave us a gorgeous yellow hand knitted blanket and we're going over in the week to pick up Toms old baby clothes, I can't believe she has kept them for 38 years! They are lovely though and it's so nice to think of baby wearing her daddy's clothes. I've been buying vintage baby clothes from Ebay too, she now has an awesome wardrobe of clothes!

I'm home alone tonight with Lily and Tom both out and doing their thing so I'm going to eat the rest of the ice cream and watch old Seinfelds until I fall asleep, which will be approx 10 minutes after hitting the play button.


Princess Boo said...

That is one impressive belly. I like it much better than the textbook one. I also noticed that you and Tom have the same bed as Phil and I. What fabulous taste we all have! Let us know if there is anything you need, we can do to help etc etc xxx

Clare said...

Aw thank you - I feel huuuuge!

Yes I noticed we had the same bed when we were at yours, and I know two other people with it too, yay for Ikea!!