Monday, 20 October 2008

Emote Control

I knew feeling better wouldn't last, saturday saw me losing my lunch and my dignity, throwing up into a Lidl bag in the car. I wasn't sick yesterday but that's because I didn't eat anything except half a can of peaches but I've been making up for it today by non-stop munching on oranges and fake frazzles, I'm almost certain I'll see them again soon though. Oh well, at least the heartburn has gone.

Pregnancy hormones are making me crazy, I don't feel too scared about it as I know it's the hormones and every woman I know who has been pregnant has had at least one psychotic episode, from running at their other half with a knife to tiling the whole bathroom. I'm sure I wouldn't go to those extremes - DIY? Me? - but I know I've been super duper crazy and that it's really difficult for those I love and care about to understand, having never experienced a woman under the complete control of pregnancy hormones before. Lily says every day that the baby is controlling me and she's absolutely right!

I've been looking at baby bottles and have decided that I want NUK glass bottles, I'm already watching some on Ebay. Ebay is becoming a major addiction, I've got 50 things on my 'watch list' and it's only going to get worse once we find out the sex of the baby. I'm hoping they'll be able to tell us at the 12wk-but-actually-16wk scan.

The best thing about pregnancy so far are maternity tights which are the comfiest things ever to grace my pins and the waistband comes up to my chin!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Gaviscon, Oh Gaviscooooon!

Now that the sickness has ebbed ever so slightly (for now) I have HEARTBURN!!

Can I start enjoying pregnancy now please?

Thursday, 16 October 2008

These stupid things are addictive....

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He Heeeee!

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Oh Baby!

This is going to be a mainly pregnancy related rubbish blog now - yay!

13 weeks

The official start of the second trimester, when I should be getting my energy back and start to feel less sick. I feel about a 5% improvement on last week, it's now thursday and I haven't thrown up since monday and I haven't day-napped since tuesday. The last time I began to feel better it was followed by around 10 days of solid puking and lethargy so I'm not expecting anything. I'm just keeping quiet.

I'm not exactly 'showing' yet but I'm always finding myself undoing the top button of my jeans. I looked in Topshop and H&M for maternity clothes but they were all vile and overpriced so it's come down to buying other peoples gross used pregnancy threads from Ebay. With Lily I spent practically the full nine months in tracksuit bottoms but then I didn't really have to go anywhere, there's no way I'm taking Lils to school in a tracksuit, poor kid doesn't deserve the humiliation!

According to the stupid pregnancy book we have the baby looks like a baby now and not like a prawn, weighs about and ounce and is as big (small) as half a banana. I'm almost certain I've felt movement, it's highly unlikely and the midwife will probably say it's gas but believe me, I know what gas feels like, this feels more like an egg rolling around my tummy.

Here's how he looks now: