Tuesday, 23 December 2008

23 Weeks...

I'm over half way there and nearly into the third trimester. Some days I look pregnant and other days not, today I look pregnant and I'm totally convinced it's all baby and not last nights Pizza Hut at all, oh noo...
I'm feeling lots of movement, it's strongest when I'm lying on my back in bed in the morning and when I'm cross legged at the computer. Tom can feel it too which makes me so happy in an I-can't-even-begin-to-articulate-why kinda way.
We had the scan at 20 weeks where I found out that hell isn't fictional at all and actually exists in Birmingham Women's Hospital where I've had previous good experiences but the 357447 wait and 35733573 different appointments along with a fed up Lily just wasn't cool. We did however discover that I have zero intuition and we are actually having a little girl! The shock has worn off a little now and I'm having a meltdown trying to think of a name. Tom doesn't want any 'cast offs' ie; names which were in the running when I was due with Lily and the only one I like so far is Dusty, I love it in fact but I don't want her to grow up hating me for it.

For Tom....

Have a Merry Shatner Xmas :D

Sunday, 7 December 2008

20 Weeks

I'm halfway there! Hurrah!
I'm still not looking particularly pregnant and at long last my energy is returning so I'm not feeling very pregnant either. The little one has been moving around lots, s/he doesn't like the hoover and kicks up a fuss, perhaps it's a signal to stop hoovering.. All cleaning and housework in fact.. hmm.

We have the 20 week scan tomorrow at the Women's Hospital where we hopefully discover the flavour of the baby, I hope it won't be awkward and turn it's back on us, I need to know, I won't sleep tonight. Well I will, because nothing really gets in the way of my sleep but I'm excited!

This picture is almost TMI but I like it, even though it makes me feel like I should have a bigger bump and my baby is chubby and floating around in holiday brochure blue water. I also like that it shows the bladder for the tiny, sleep disturbing little afterthought it really is.

We've moved house, into a real house with a garden and a front door and everything. There is a room which can be a tiny little nursery which I'm slowly filling with all the baby stuff I've bought or been given so far. Lily has a big room and loves the house although I do think she misses her private balcony. Kiki has started sleeping in her bed which is sweet but it scares Lily and I know when my parents find out they'll shout at me because they don't think cats should even be allowed upstairs let alone snuggling under the duvet, but I'll distract them with the giant bag of mostly coffee-themed presents I accidentally bought them.