Monday, 1 February 2010

Growing and growing

Edie is nine months now, she's been out of my belly longer than she was in it. She's developing her own little personality and it's wonderful. She's cheeky and smiley and brave, totally fearless. She's started to say words which are, of course as these things always go, 'Dada' and 'Papa'. She also sleeps in her cot next to our bed from 7.30pm on her own, quite happily, and wakes up at 11.30 on the dot to come in bed with us for a little feed then she's out, star-shaped and snoring between us. Lily usually creeps in in the wee small hours too, add Kiki the cat and it's real sleep-fest we've go going on and although I curse it and it's wonky slats often I'm so glad we have The Biggest Bed Ever.