Wednesday, 28 January 2009

We don't watch TV in this house so I didn't know about the new Cadbury advert with the kids and the eyebrows and the squeaky balloon. But I sure Lily has a secret TV room behind her bookcase because she is suddenly very animated around the brows, exactly like these kids. It's not often we have to tell her off, she's a good kid, but when I go upstairs to bed to find her under the duvet playing her DS at 9 'o' clock on a school night it's definitely time to open a can of woop ass. Except I find myself trying to remain serious and stifle my laughter as she gives me the eyebrows. I'm not very successful and we both end up giggling and I leave her untold off and laughing all the way to the dream bank. And she and the eyebrows win. Every time.

Friday, 16 January 2009


I've decided that I want our baby to have a £400 pram. The decision was pretty much made for me as there is a surplus of ugly, breakable prams out there. Ideally I'd like a Bugaboo Bee but they're around £750 which is crazy so I've opted for the Quinny Buzz. The stroller part can be used as a buggy until the baby walks and we will use the Dreami carrycot to make it a pram for the first 6 months and also as a moses basket while she is sleeping in our room. As I scored us a brand new Mamas & Papas carseat for free and my parents are paying for half the pram I think it's good value.

They come in a variety of colours, the red/pink is just face-melting and sickly but the yellow/brown is pretty cool and the black is slick. Obviously the baby doesn't give a toss which colour her wheels are so I'll end up going for whichever I can find cheapest!
Although the black does have a certain baby batmobile-ness about it..

It's not all expensive news in babyland though. We've found a rather gorgeous cot in Ikea for a bargainous £67:

Although there is tonnes of matching furniture there is no matching chest of drawers which I neeeed as all the baby clothes are currently sitting in Lidl bags, which although Highly Fashionable, just aren't a permanent option.

Now all I need to do is clear the 57534537 bags of crap out of the nursery and paint the walls and put up a blind and find a chest of drawers and zzzzzzzzzzzz.

26 Weeks

I keep thinking and saying that I am 27 weeks pregnant but I just rechecked the due date calculator and I'm actually 26 weeks. It's going to slow!
After all the sickness and craziness of the first trimester things are just about as normal as they can be. I have a large bump, lots of kicks and I get short of breath. The lack of unpleasant pregnancy symptoms must be karma. The worst thing is losing my balance all the time, oh and not being able to reach my toes. I asked Tom to paint my toenails the other night, with red nailpolish, it looked like someone had tried to chew off the ends of my feet. I think I'll just go au naturel, same for my leg hair soon I think, I'm finding it too much of a stretch and I'm pretty sure everyone finds Chewbacca legs sexy.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


This weekend Tom and I took Lils to see Dinosaurs Alive! at the IMAX. Despite the £8 per person for a 45 minute film and initial worries about exactly what kind of dinosaurs these were when we saw it was 'starring Michael Douglas' it was pretty awesome and we all loved it.
Now, we've been struggling for baby names ever since we learned that we're having a girl and don't really like anything. It may just be my pregnancy brain but when the squeaky voiced intern in the movie was recalling how he discovered the Effigia dinosaur my brain did a little click and has been hanging onto the name as a serious contender for Baby. No, not the name of the paleontologist, which I have forgotten but the name of the dinosaur, Effigia.

It's kind of cute right.. right? The Latin translations of Effigia are ghost, effigy, idol, ideal and future, it doesn't really matter that it was also a six foot long toothless crocodylian archosaur. I also love the idea of her name being shortened to Effie and quickly shot down Tom's protestations that kids would pick on her and call her F.E College which I didn't understand straight away and it's unlikely that schoolchildren would know what an F.E College was and less likely to think it's an insult.
For now the name is a strong contender, we have around 16 weeks to decide and 30 days after Baby is born before we have to register her name. But no more dinosaur names... for now.