Wednesday, 28 January 2009

We don't watch TV in this house so I didn't know about the new Cadbury advert with the kids and the eyebrows and the squeaky balloon. But I sure Lily has a secret TV room behind her bookcase because she is suddenly very animated around the brows, exactly like these kids. It's not often we have to tell her off, she's a good kid, but when I go upstairs to bed to find her under the duvet playing her DS at 9 'o' clock on a school night it's definitely time to open a can of woop ass. Except I find myself trying to remain serious and stifle my laughter as she gives me the eyebrows. I'm not very successful and we both end up giggling and I leave her untold off and laughing all the way to the dream bank. And she and the eyebrows win. Every time.

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