Thursday, 5 March 2009

33 Weeks

This pregnancy is making me tired, I think I've had enough now. And I nearly cry when I think that tiredness is going to still be a big feature in my life when the baby comes along - wahhh!
I'm as big as a house now, with seven weeks to go. I waddle around and it takes about five minutes of struggling like an upended beetle to get out of bed. My favourite thing to do is lie on my back, pull my top up and watch my belly moving and shaking with the tiny dancer inside. Sometimes, I have to admit, all the movement does feel unpleasant. I remember reading a John Fante book where he hated feeling his wife's pregnant belly because it felt like a 'writhing bundle of snakes' was in there, and that's a pretty accurate description of the feeling. Most of the time it's lovely and Tom & Lily enjoy being kicked by her too.
It's not often I post a wishlist with stock images and actually end up purchasing them. Firstly, we got the cot from Ikea along with a pink chest of drawers and the nursery is looking slightly unfinished but good. We also scored a Quinny Buzz from Ebay, complete with the Dreami carrycot and tonnes of accessories for £182. We had to collect it from Hull which we turned into a day out and a trip down memory street for Tom as he used to go to university there. We had lunch and I raided the Hull Gift Shop for tat and am now the proud owner of an 'It's never dull in Hull' badge. I'll have to take their word for it I guesse, didn't stay long enough to put it to the dull-ity test.

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Princess Boo said...

Big sympathy, I remember the feeling well. Not long to go now and you can have your body back. We're very excited here in Worcester...