Thursday, 2 April 2009

37 Weeks

I am 37 weeks preggo today. I'm really hoping I don't go to full term and god help us all if I go overdue. Lily arrived at just before 39 weeks, I'm not sure if that means anything with regards to this baby but let's hope she puts in a pre-Easter appearance. If only because it'll be more convinient with Lily off school and everything. I double checked with her yesterday that she was sure she didn't want to come and see her sister being born and her basic reaction was 'Eurghh, blood - Now Way! I'll come and see her when she's all clean' so she'll be off to Tom's mums where they'll dance around and eat potato cakes and complain about people not shutting the doors and keeping the heat in.

Here is my stupidly big belly today:

Ignore the dusty mirror, it only shows up in photographs - honest!

And here is the textbook belly:

Despite there being very little room she manages to have a good ol' knees up in there. I'm almost horrified at the shapes throwing themselves up beneath my skin, I'm sure she's just going to rip through.

I've got most of my hospital bag ready but I know something will be forgotten. We got some new gros for the baby to wear as her first outfits, they're super cute, tvm H&M :]

Now I have to go and pick Lily up from after school rugby.

Yep, rugby.


Lizz said...

Oh MY! your belly is HUGE!! how many babies you got in there?! :oD

Clare said...

Only one.
And a LOT of chocolate swiss roll :D