Thursday, 13 November 2008

It's all pants...

17 Weeks

We had the scan a week ago and everything was fine, he was dancing around like crazy, shaking his little fists and annoying the sonogropher by moving whenever she wanted to take a measurement. We get to see him again in the first week of December and will find out whether he is a he.

I'm still felling a little sick, it's not as bad as it had been and there has been no vomiting. I still feel completely exhausted constantly, and emotional. Gosh it's fun. There's a definite bump now, baby has popped out of my pelvis. I braved town yesterday to buy maternity jeans which are crazy, they're nothing like the ones I had with Lily, they pull straight on with no buttons or zip, they're like baby's jeans, or fat man trousers. I also got some pregnancy knickers which are huuuuge, they're bigger than some dresses I own and I don't have enough bump to fill them yet but they're so comfortable and so ugly that I'm wearing them anyway.

Whilst I was in Kent visiting my folks I was really craving offal which I have never ever ever viewed with anything other than disgust. I innocently asked if the local butcher usually had liver and my mum screamed (and she never screams) and said that I was gestating a devil baby just like Rosemary's Baby. Well the cravings passed and I also discovered that liver is a no-no in pregnancy because of the high levels of Tannis Root or Vitamin A or something but I decided to re-read the novel over the last two nights and now I really wish I hadn't..

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