Monday, 3 November 2008

14,15,16 Weeks

I'm on the brink of 16 weeks and don't appear to have a bump yet. I've been feeling like a pervert scouring the internet for pictures of women's naked tummies at 16 wks and they all look huge. We have the ultrasound scan tomorrow and I'm quite scared really, I'm afraid that there will be no baby there and the positive pregnancy test, constant sickness and feeling movements are all symptoms of a never before known deadly illness. I remember feeling the same way with Lily although as I had my first scan at 9 weeks I was reassured early on.

Seriously, I am worried that something has gone wrong, I've stopped feeling so sick and have convinced myself that it's due to a drop in pregnancy hormones because the pregnancy has stopped. I know this is all worry-warting and if there was anything wrong I would have had pain and bleeding but worry fuelled by hormones is such a difficult thing to ignore.

I have stopped feeling so sick which is a giant relief. The last time I was sick was on wednesday morning after one of my dads huge fry-ups. I spent the last week in Kent with Lily and my parents for half term. It was fun, although we missed Tom horribly, it was nice to go to petting farms and eat out and see all my brothers and their various kids and bumps. We took Lils Trick or Treating which was awesome, my folks live in a friendly village so there were lots of sweets to be had. She dressed up in some kind of Eddies Goth dress costume we got from Woolworths and we took the dog in fairy wings.

I'm still buying gross maternity clothes from Ebay although it hasn't been too bad, the top I've had so far was washed and clean and came with a greetings card! I've missed the internet, mostly Ebay really, my parents don't have the internet and when Tom told them about this blog my mum said 'So Clare's in the computer? Ooooh!' and didn't understand at all.

To stop myself worrying all day about the scan tomorrow I'm going to peruse Ebay for Christmas presents, read yesterdays Observer and eat all the leftover Halloween sweets.

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