Thursday, 20 May 2010

Edie is now one. Lily's first year didn't go anywhere near as fast as this, maybe it's just what happens with subsequent children.

Edie now has a whopping six teeth, two at the bottom and four at the top. She still doesn't have much hair but what is coming through seems to be blonde. Tom and I are decidedly dark but one of us must have a bit of Viking, must be Tom. She started walking properly, not just the odd step here and there, just after her birthday and now she loves to move in her new light-up £obscene-amount Clarks trainers. Her feet are huge, 4G which is the average shoe size of most three-year-olds.

Lily is still being The Best Big Sister Ever. I love to watch them playing and interacting, their favourite place to be is the bath closely followed by the garden. Lily's patience amazes me and she genuinely adores Edie, never jealous and always caring. I think the 5 year age gap is a lot to do with it, she's had all her baby-ing and is happy to be the more mature one!


Lizz said...

ah yes, 5 years is the best age gap amount for sure! :oD

Hey we have to meet up! I can't beleive Edie is one already! that is crazy. I just got back from Canada and have a convention in a week but after that I will text you to arrange something (for real!)

Clare said...

That's the age gap between you and your bro isn't it? I remember being preggers and asking you that!

I know! Canada! Wow! Did you go to ATP??

Yes, week after, we'll meet up, KH or come over to mine.. text me when you're freeeee :D

Lizz said...

ha yes- I remember you asking me that too!!!

Yes ATP was the best!

I'll be in touch! :o)